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Automated data syncing guarantees that everyone is seeing the same numbers, improving communications and unity across your entire organization.

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With the SAP Business One mobile app for iOS you can process approval requests, view reports and business content, manage business partner data, monitor sales opportunities, and much more.

Key features:

x Sales Catalog - View, search for, compare, and create sales quotation or sales order on the fly for sales items, using visual and appealing display layout.
x Activities - View, add, edit, close, and create follow up activities of the current user who is logged on to the mobile app.
x Approvals and alerts – Get alerts on specific events – such as deviations from approved discounts, prices, credit limits, approved or rejected documents, or targeted gross profits – and view approval requests waiting for your immediate action. Drill into the relevant content or metric, including draft documents, before making your decision.
x Business partners – Access and manage business partners’ information including addresses, phone numbers, and contact details; view historical activities and special prices; create new business partners and new activities; and contact or locate partners. In addition, you can synchronize contact persons phone numbers, email and other details with the Contacts app on your device.
x Inventory – Monitor inventory levels and access detailed information about your products, including purchasing and sales price, available quantity, product specifications, and pictures.
x Sales documents – Create, view, update, and search for sales quotations and sales orders, and submit drafts of sales quotations and sales orders for approval. In addition, you can create, update, view, and close activities related to sales documents, as well as to view deliveries.
x Sales Opportunities - Create, view, and search for sales opportunities; view, add, and edit stages for sales opportunities.
x Service – Process and close service calls, create and view solutions, and look up related service calls from service contracts or customer equipment cards.
x Reports – Refer to built-in reports created with SAP Crystal Reports software, version for the SAP Business One application, that present key information about your business. Add your own customized reports to the app and easily share them via e-mail.
x Dashboards – View predefined dashboards (sales analysis, cash flow, and purchase quotations) in normal and full-screen mode and share them via e-mail.
x Help – Display either a standard or a customer-specific help document.
x Attachments - View, download, and upload attachments to business partners, items, activities, sales opportunities, service calls, and sales documents.
1.What is the SAP Business One mobile app?
This mobile app lets you stay in touch with your business and customer data while away from the office. It enables you to instantly connect with your SAP Business One application via iOS or Android devices and lets managers, executives, sales reps, and service techs stay informed about their business by viewing reports, managing contacts, handling sales and service activities, and more.

2.How can I install this mobile application?
You can install the SAP Business One mobile app that is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices from the Apple App Store or iTunes.
The app for Android devices is available on Google play.

3.Do I need to pay for it?
The app is free to download and can be used for trial and demonstration purposes. The same app can be used for your business; however, you need release family 8.8 or higher of the SAP Business One application and Integration Component as your back-end system. Each mobile user needs a specific user license of SAP Business One.

4.Can I try this mobile app even if I do not have an SAP Business One installation?
Yes, even without SAP Business One running your business, you can try the mobile application now, free of charge using a demo logon. SAP provides a Business One environment that you can connect to instantly.

Begin your free trial in two easy steps:
a.Install the free app on your iOS or Android device of choice
b.Start the app and use the demo option for logon

I am already using SAP Business One. Are there any requirements to be able to use this app?
In order to use the mobile application for your business, you must be running release family 8.8 or higher and Integration Component as the back end system. Additionally, each mobile user needs a professional, limited (limited Financial / Logistics / CRM) or starter package user license of SAP Business One. Before you start, make sure your SAP partner configures the mobility settings in SAP Business One.

I am not using SAP Business One yet. Where can I find information about the application?
Visit our web site and find more Information about SAP Business One. For information in your local language, select your country from the Country Sites page and then go to the SAP Business One page using the menu selections: Solutions -> Solutions for Small and Midsize Enterprises -> Business Management -> SAP Business One.

How do I access the User Guide?
The detailed User Guide can be accessed within the app. You must first download and install the app to access the guide. To display the guide, choose the “Help” option. For the iPhone App, the “Help” jump button is located on the top right of the home screen. For the iPad version, the guide can be located by accessing the “menu” section and scrolling to the “configuration” button on the top-right of the left section.
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