The Cisco Intelligent WAN (Cisco IWAN) application runs on the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller - Enterprise Module (Cisco APIC-EM).

Cisco IWAN extends Software Defined Networking (SDN) to the branch sites with an application-centric approach that is based on business policies and application rules. This allows IT, centralized management with distributed enforcement across the network.

Cisco IWAN automates deployments with an intuitive browser-based user interface. A new router can be provisioned faster without any knowledge of the Command Line Interface (CLI). Business priorities are translated into network policies based on Cisco best practices and validated designs. Cisco IWAN reduces the time required for configuring advanced network services such as DMVPN, PKI, AVC, QoS and PfR through the use of automation and simple, predefined workflows.

Cisco IWAN uses an application-centric approach to offer the following benefits:
• Reduced operational costs—Cisco IWAN helps IT deliver an unparalleled user experience over any connection while lowering operational costs.
• Simplified IT operations—Cisco IWAN uses a software-based controller model, automating and centralizing management tasks to ensure faster, more successful deployments.
• Eliminates network complexity—Cisco IWAN leverages Cisco APIC-EM to