OnMinutes is a global brand committed to creating and managing the best online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for small to medium sized businesses. We believe these businesses need a solution that can immediately boost their sales capabilities, will be a pleasure to use and require minimal effort to sustain. We’re continually improving and perfecting our services to ensure we always offer the best experience and convenience for our users.

Our online CRM platform is run completely on Amazon’s AWS servers, also known as “The Cloud.” We’re proud to use this hosting service as it offers unmatched security, speed, reliability, and uptime from one of the world’s strongest online corporations.

Founded in 2006, we’ve grown in this short time to serve hundreds of clients around the world. Our management team includes a diverse group of corporate executives, salesforce heads, management consultants and engineers. Each has years of experience with CRM in various leadership roles of corporate strategy, marketing, sales and IT. With offices around the world, we serve a global marketplace.
Reliable, secure and private
OnMinutes online CRM runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud-computing infrastructure. Secured with 256-bit SSL encryption it’s one of the most stable and protected platforms in the world.This is the same system that operates one of the largest, most trusted online businesses with an annual revenue of $15 billion.
Your data is so secure it won’t even be seen by OnMinutes staff. With all maintenance, migration and operations are done via automated scripts no one but your company sees your data.

Easy to implement and maintain
OnMinutes is completely online so there’s no software to download and maintain.